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Custom Orthotics
Glen Rock

Stabilize your feet without surgery

Your feet are the foundations of your body, allowing you to walk, stand, or run comfortably. However, in some cases, injuries, the shape of your feet, or the angle at which your feet touch the ground lead to leg pains, lower back pains, or pain in other parts of the body. Glen Rock Spine & Rehab uses customized shoe inserts, known as orthotics, to stabilize your feet without surgery.

What are foot orthotics?

Foot orthotics are highly-customized shoe inserts that balance your feet if you have imbalance issues, postural problems, injuries, or an improper foot shape. Orthotics at Glen Rock Spine & Rehab change the angle at which your feet touch the ground, ensuring optimal posture at all times. They also absorb the shock of impact while improving your running and walking abilities. With optimal balance, foot orthotics prevent chronic pain down the line.

What are the types of orthotics?

  • Type 1: People with soft tissue conditions need orthotics to reduce pressure on injured parts of the feet, such as the areas with open sores and ulcers.
  • Type 2: People with tendonitis, shin splints, and other such conditions need orthotics to improve the angle at which the feet touch the ground, essentially bringing the ground up to the feet.

What happens during orthotic fittings?

Glen Rock Spine & Rehab customizes orthotics for your specific feet and conditions. You can also get over-the-counter shoe inserts, but they’re not suitable for injuries or underlying conditions, like tendonitis. If our chiropractors determine you need orthotics, they take three-dimensional pictures of your feet and a mold to produce the ideal orthotics for your specific needs. If you’re experiencing feet or leg pains, please contact our chiropractors to determine if you need orthotics.

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What are the benefits of orthotics?

  • Stabilize the feet
  • Ensure optimal feet alignment and posture
  • Prevent foot-related injuries and pain
  • Improve balance
  • Shift pressure away from injured parts of the feet
  • Help patients with diabetes avoid amputation
  • Treat tendonitis and shin splints
  • Treat pronation
  • Reduce joint problems

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Glen Rock Spine & Rehab is a state-of-the-art pain management center focused on non-surgical and non-narcotic solutions to pain. Instead of merely treating the symptoms of pain, we also use innovative solutions to prevent their occurrence. Orthotics, for example, allow us to prevent foot and leg pain while improving your running, walking, and standing postures. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your options for orthotics in Glen Rock, NJ.

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