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Neck Pain
Glen Rock

Repairing Neck Pain

Neck pain is an extremely common problem affecting millions of Americans due to muscle strains, injuries, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and other underlying conditions. Neck pain may also start with tingling and numbing sensations in other parts of your body, such as the arms or upper back, making it hard to trace the specific location of neck pain. However, the trauma-trained specialists at Glen Rock Spine & Rehab use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the root cause of your pain and curate the ideal non-surgical and non-narcotic chiropractic solution for neck pain in Glen Rock.

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What are the causes of neck pain?

The neck is composed of the vertebrae extending from the upper torso to the skull. The cervical intervertebral discs are soft cushion-like components that absorb the shock from the vertebrae, allowing you to move your neck without friction. The other components include the ligaments, muscles, and connective tissues surrounding the cervical spine. Neck pain can happen due to damages, inflammation, or anomalies on any of these structures.

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains and tensions refer to damages to the neck muscles due to:

  • Improper posture
  • Extended periods of working at a desk
  • Improper sleeping position
  • Sudden jerking movements


The neck is an extremely vulnerable area, susceptible to injuries because of falls, car accidents, sudden movements, and sports. Injuries occur when the muscles and ligaments in the neck move beyond their normal range. Sudden jerking movements of the head, such as whiplash, can also fracture the cervical vertebrae, which, in turn, compressed the spinal cord, causing severe neck pain.

Cervical Disc Herniation

Cervical discs are the soft cushion-like components between the vertebrae, responsible for shock absorption to facilitate frictionless neck movements. Over time, age-related wear-and-tear, injuries, and trauma can make the discs rupture and bulge outwards, pinching the surrounding nerve roots, which, in turn, sends pain signals to the brain. Disc herniation can also lead to spinal stenosis, narrowing the spaces between the vertebrae.


Arthritis is a condition wherein the joints in the neck get inflamed, usually due to the age-related wear-and-tear of the intervertebral cervical discs and joints. Neck arthritis leads to neck stiffness and limited range of motion — you can’t move your neck sideways or up and down. In some cases, neck arthritis also leads to headaches, grinding sounds in the neck, muscle spasms, and imbalance problems.

How does chiropractic care relieve neck pain?

Chiropractic care involves manual manipulations to restore optimal cervical spinal alignment. Our trauma-trained specialists trace the root cause of your neck pain using advanced diagnostic technologies. After the evaluation, they adjust the spine and surrounding structures to restore alignment, taking pressure off the nerves and muscles. As such, chiropractic treatments restore mobility, relax the neck muscles, and encourage your body to heal itself, relieving your neck pain in Glen Rock. In some cases, we combine chiropractic treatments with massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture.

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Glen Rock Spine & Rehab is a state-of-the-art pain management center in Glen Rock, specializing in non-invasive and non-narcotic solutions to neck pain, back pain, and other forms of pain. We use cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to trace the root cause of your neck pain, allowing us to curate a personalized treatment plan. Our exceptional chiropractors often combine the treatment with laser therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, and other methods to ensure long-lasting neck pain relief. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your neck pain treatment options in Glen Rock, NJ.

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