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Can chiropractors help golfers?

Can chiropractors help golfers? Let’s put it this way… even Tiger Woods has been a longtime chiropractic fan! “I’ve been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing,” Woods once said.

Most golfers to some extent will experience back pain eventually. According to Dr. Tom LaFountain, Director of Chiropractic Services for the PGA Tour, 80% of golf injuries are back-related due to the repetitive nature of the sport. Many professional golfers have even undergone surgery to help fix their chronic back pain. But a chiropractor can help golfers without the unwanted side effects of pain medication or surgery.

When your spine is not in proper alignment, issues may arise like subluxations or misalignments when playing golf. In addition, a golfer’s hunched stance, twisting, swinging, and carrying heavy bags add to the risk of injury. And, since back pain is the most common golf injury, it’s important to rely on regular chiropractic care to help avoid poor posture and further injuries.

Aside from back pain, golfers are susceptible to other injuries such as “golfer’s elbow”, knee/thigh pain, and shoulder pain as well.

Tips to avoid golf injuries:

  1. Check your posture when swinging.
    Practice avoiding hunching over the ball and keeping your spine straight.
  2. Avoid swinging aggressively.
    When you swing too hard, it puts pressure on your joints and tendons. So, take it nice and slow when hitting that ball. Sometimes consistency and accuracy are better than quickness and speed when it comes to injury and your overall golf game.
  3. Properly warm-up before playing.
    It’s always smart to warm up for a few minutes with walking and jumping jacks. Also, adding stretches to the wrists, elbows, spine and forearms is a good idea to help prevent injuries.
  4. Take care when lifting and carrying heavy equipment.
    Always practice a proper lifting technique where you keep your back straight while using your legs to do all the lifting.

Overall, chiropractors can ensure that your strength, flexibility, and speed are up to par. And, if that doesn’t convince golfers, maybe playing a better golf game and swing due to having a proper spine and posture will seal the deal. Sounds like a hole-in-one to me!

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