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Dr. Bogart's CV


To continue excellence as a chiropractor in a multi-disciplinary practice.


Doctor of Chiropractic Life University
Bachelor of Arts Penn State University


Total Health Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Clinic Director, Physician 2015-Present

Conduct all patient examinations, design treatment plans based on chosen diagnosis. Assist on injections, NCV/EMG tests with our MD. Take radiographs and maintain proficiency using diagnostic ultrasound and fluoroscopy. Order and interpret MRI, Vein, and CT studies.

Key Achievements:
-Leading a team of ten staff members, oversee daily operations of our location.
-Design and communicate treatment plans for over 300 patients a month in a multi-disciplinary practice.
-Maintain relationships with a multitude of outside doctors as a referral source.
-Act as a patient advocate by communicating clearly with confused or frustrated patients.
-Act as a communication bridge between employees and upper management.

Frenchtown Chiropractic
Owner, Physician 2005-2015

Diagnosed, educated and treated approximately 100 patients weekly. Performed Independent Medical Exams for third party insurance companies. Performed public speaking in various locations as well as in office.

Key Achievements:
-Built a practice from the ground up.
-Led a staff of four employees.
-Learned effective marketing and communication skills.

Chiropractic Physicians Group
Physician 2002-2005
Treated thirty patients daily independently of operating doctor. Communicated to exclusively Spanish speaking patients. Performed Independent Medical Exams.

Key Achievements:
-Learned how to think independently in stressful situations. -Learned compassion for patients in pain.
-Learned to manage time in a busy environment

Core Strengths
Communication Relationship Development Management Interpersonal Skills

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